iPad and iPhone Training for Seniors & Beginners

iPad and iPhone training for beginners and intermediate users in Montreal that want to learn how to use the iPad for things like Skype, FaceTime and email.

Are you a senior that wants to Skype with your friends or grandchildren? Are you a business professional that wants to set up multiple email accounts that sync with your other devices?

Learn how to use the iPad or iPhone from TechnoMinds Macintosh professionals in Montreal. We give personal and group lessons on how to use the iPad and iPhone. We understand that seniors are some times at a disadvantage in this highly digital world. Do you want to know how to text, use Facebook, Skype or email? We will teach the things you want to learn and at your pace. We are here to help you in a very patient and easy to understand manner. So if you are a senior or you just bought your first iPad or iPhone and you want to learn how to use it, contact TechnoMinds today. Group pricing is available.

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