Security Assessment and Recommendations

Keep your mac safe. Computer security from malware and viruses or nosy roommates

Apple's iPhone and Macintosh computers are the most secure devices on the market when it comes to malware and viruses. However, there still are potential dangers we can teach you how to avoid. 



  • Passwords - keep them strong and organized.
  • Email fraud - what is phishing?
  • Website scams - how to recognize and avoid them.
  • Public Wi-Fi networks - are they safe?
  • https - what does the "s" stand for?
  • System preferences - hidden options.
  • Parental controls - Know what your kids are doing and keep them safe.

Computer Optimization

Macintosh computer optimization for slow and sluggish computer that needs optimizing

Every hard drive has hidden problems—the question is simply when are they going to jump up and bite you? Our specialty is diagnosing and optimizing your hard drive to its peak performance before those problems arise.

If there is a looming threat to your drive's health, we will help you take the necessary steps to avoid disaster. Whether you're on a Mac, iMac or any Apple computer; whether you're in Montreal, Toronto, L.A., or Latvia, whether your computer is slow or just generally acting funny (it's like a relationship, we all know when it's not going well) give us a call. Technominds is a simple way to say computer optimization.

Installation and Setup

Installation and Setup of Macintosh computer equipment, iMac configuration

Have a professional set up and configure your equipment to suit your exact needs.

Every Mac owner knows that their computer is an extension of their personalities. We understand that and take that to heart as we install and configure your equipment. Our years of experience allow us to know exactly what needs to be done to get you off and running right away.

Time Machine Data Backup

Time Machine Data Backup to protect and protect your Macintosh computer files

The protection of your data is essential. A solid backup strategy is our specialty.

We can not stress enough the importance of a good backup system. From day one, we will take a look at your backups and make it our number one priority to ensure they are current and that you have the best strategy. Too often we find people are not backing up properly or not even at all. When you are asking yourelf if you should spend the extra money for backup, remember this: Every hard drive will fail.

"Every hard drive will fail."

The question is are you protected with backups when that day comes? We are a Montreal tech support company with over 12 years experience with developing and implementing backup systems that will keep the data on your Macintosh safe. Don't wait, contact us now.

Parental Controls

Parental controls for macintosh (mac) that restrict what kids can see or do on the computer. Block pornography from young children's eyes.

Every parent needs to know what their children are doing online and how to protect them from the dangers that are out there.

Protecting your kids can feel like a full time job.  Let us help by teaching you how to password protect your computer from porno sites, chat rooms, instant messaging from strangers, etc—so you know your children can be online safely.  We understand though that sometimes even with our best efforts, kids will figure out how to bypass all of your parental controls.  That is why, whether you're in Montreal, Toronto or anywhere else in the world, we also offer to teach you what the dangers are so that you can educate your kids about the needs of computing safely. We'll help with your Mac, iMac or any Apple computer.

Apple Mac Tech Support

Montreal Apple tech support that provides Mac computer tech support to the Montreal Area and remotely to any part of the world.
Onsite and Remote computer Apple tech support. In Montreal or at a remote office, technical support is just a call or email away.

Don't waste your time dragging your heavy computer to a store and look for parking, etc. Our knowledgable and friendly Macintosh technicians will come to your office or home in the Montreal area with a smile and help solve your Apple computer tech problems. Or if you do not live in the Montreal area, we can also fix your computer problems remotely while you sit and watch from the comfort of your office. Because we are not just a "computer fix-it" company, we can help with a wide vairety of technological services. Don't be shy, ask us and we can help. These are some of the Apple Tech Support services we provide:


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