Ring Video Doorbell review

Review of Ring Video Doorbell

I have owned my Ring Video Doorbell (not the Pro version) for about a year now. Let me say right up front, I am a geek for gadgets and I wanted to like this before I owned it. That being said, in this review I am going to give you the straight up opinion. I am not going to go into the specs and features. If you haven't already researched that info, you soon will. 


If you are somewhat comfortable unscrewing something, attaching a wire and following some simple configuration steps, you can handle this. However, I know many people are not, in which case hire a handyman for the easiest job he will have that day. With the standard Video Doorbell you have the option of doing either a hard wired or battery installation. Note: The Pro version must be hardwired. If you are replacing an existing doorbell that has wires running to your chime inside, then you will do the hardwired option. This is where some people will get off the DIY train, as it does require confirming some Voltage info. If however, you are choosing to not use the wiring option, you will need to purchase a Chime to receive the Video Doorbell's ring. I found the pyhiscal installation was not difficult and took only 20-30 minutes at most.

Setup and Configuration

This part was very simple and you can follow along some easy video tutorials. The documentation on their site is very clear and helpful. Email responses usually took 2-3 days. Not bad compared to some companies, but not very helpful for on the spot installation help. As with most companies, they make it difficult to find a phone number on their website. They do have a page if you look for it.


I have mixed feelings about the performance. It does work. Someone rings the doorbell and it notifies you on your phone or computer. No matter where you are, if you have internet connectivty, you can see the person and talk with them. This is great for deliveries, unwanted solicitors or if you kids are home alone. HOWEVER, there are some limitations. 

First and foremost, which is kind of a deal breaker for me, the delay. No not a lag in the video, I am talking about the time it takes from the person ringing the doorbell to it notifying you on your phone, you seeing the notification and opening the Ring app, waiting for the connection to be made and then saying hello. 75% or more of the time, the person has left by the time you answer. 


So for the purpose of interacting with your visitor, it is hit or miss. For the purpose of security and having a video record of the person at your door, it is great. For me, that makes it all worth it. (Note: Cloud recording requires an annual fee.) That and the ability to use Live view, where I can at any time see a live feed from the camera, even if nobody has rung the bell is great. What would make this product much more useful is if they could shorten the answer time. There is one thing that could possibly make that faster, but it might be out of the hands of the developers due to Apple's restrictions. It would be great If the ring notification could come up with the accept or decline option right on the lock screen, just like a phone call does. Having to open the app and wait is what kills the experience.

Overall, I would recommend this to gadget lovers and those that want some added security. Good luck and let us know your experience.