WeMo Switch and Motion Detector


The WeMo Switch and Motion Detector are made by Belkin. The wall switch plugs into your exsiting outlets and then controls whatever is plugged into the switch. It can be controlled from anywhere you have internet and a smart phone with the Wemo app (Apple iOS or Android compatible). Rules that reside in the switch, can be set up for on/off timers. You can even have the device automatically trigger a rule according to the local sunset and sunrise times. With the motion detector, you have many more possible rules to automate the switch.

Setup and reliability of the WeMo switch has steadily improved with version updates over the last year. The early versions were often a hit or miss when it came to working past a few days. It would inexplicably lose it's connection to the wifi network and/or the remote access would not work. This has been improved and we were pleasantly surprised at how consistantly it works as advertised when we decided to revisit this product for a review. One area of concern that we were not able to address at the time of writing this. The vast majority of users have dynamic IP addresses assigned by their ISP. Does the WeMo dynamically update itself and your mobile app in order to maintain remote access? We will follow up this review with more info on this at a later date.

The WeMo Switch sells for $49 or $79 when bundled with the motion detector. It is a little steep for the average Do It Yourselfer (DIY). However, as competition heats up in this market, expect the prices to drop.