The Apple Experts for Montreal

The Apple Experts for Montreal.

TechnoMinds, the Apple experts for Montreal, provides tech support for Apple products. We fix problems with your Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, iCloud syncing, printers and just about anything tech related. 

  • Local

    Avoid downtown traffic and parking. We are in NDG and every job is local. Many of you are friends and neighbors. Ask about TechnoMInds in any of the NDG Facebook groups.

  • Reliable

    We pride ourselves with being on time. If we say we will be there at 9am, we are there at 9am. Response time is fast and you don't have to go to us. We come to you wearing a mask or virtually through a remote connection.

  • Honest

    Our goal is to have a long lasting customer, not to make a quick buck. We are fair and honest with you. We never mislead you or hide information. If you want to learn, we love to teach.

David Rahman - The NDG Mac Guy
David Rahman - Owner



At TechnoMinds we understand that technology is so tightly integrated into our lives that you need a company that can do more than just service your computer. That is why we approach your technology needs as a lifestyle service. We can fix your computer, sync your phone, integrate your TV and music into your wifi network and even set up parental controls for everything.

The NDG Mac Guy provides Apple tech support in NDG

Tech Support

Onsite and Remote computer Apple tech support. In Montreal or at a remote office, reliable Mac technical support is just a phone call or email away.

The NDG Mac Guy gives computer, iphone lessons


We offer iPad, iPhone and Apple computer workshops in a calm environment with no crowds, in a location that has easy bus access and parking plus an instructor that has patience to answer all of your questions.

The NDG Mac Guy builds websites for NDG residents

Website Development

Register your own domain. Have your own website and your own email addresses. Want a WordPress site for yourself or a small business? From hosting to website development, we've got you covered.

The NDG Mac Guy provides internet security against viruses.


We can protect you against email phishing scams, viruses and malware. Not sure if that email from your bank is real? Ask TechnoMinds. You don't have to feel fear when online.

About Us

We are a Montreal based company that provides Apple computer tech support to businesses and individuals for their iPhones, iPads, iMacs and MacBook Pros and all Apple services. That means, if you have a problem, a question or need of any sort regarding your Apple equipment, we’re the people to help you.

We work for companies in places like Montreal, Toronto, Aspen and Los Angeles. So regardless of your situation, we can assist you onsite in your office, or remotely if that is more practical.

We’re knowledgeable. We are always on time and we can explain things to you in a non-technical language.

News, Tips & Reviews – Front Page

Learn about cyber security, hidden features and new products.

TechnoMinds will help keep you up to date with what is happening in the tech world and how it relates to you. We will warn you about email phishing scams or buggy updates that you should avoid. We will share tech tips about your Apple computer, iPad or iPhone. Our Tech Reviews will alert you on new technologies that directly affect you in your daily life.



Dave is a life saver !!!! No matter when we I call he is always available and knows exactly what is the issue. He is so tech savvy and knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone with apple issues !!! He is patient in teaching you how to use your products properly and efficiently. Not sure what I'd do without him. Been using him for years.
Christine Pickrell of Westmount Florist
Christine Pickrell
Westmount Florist
I have been a very happy client of TechnoMinds since 2017. David has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to optimize my computer, iPad and iPhone skills. He has exceptional patience in imparting his expertise. David is prompt in replying whenever I reach out for assistance. I highly recommend TechnoMinds and their stellar personal service.

Mai Lloyd from Westmount
Mai Lloyd
I have been using Technominds for about 10 years now, and there is absolutely nothing they cannot fix. Time and time again, I have called on them to solve both simple and complicated problems with my computer, printer and scanner and they have, every time, done the job to perfection. I cannot recommend them enough!!

Westmount and great Canadian photographer
Sorel Cohen
I highly recommend this company for any Mac-related issues. Extremely knowledgeable, competent, friendly and personalized service. In my case, it concerned a Time Machine problem that I was unable to resolve with Apple phone support. David of TechnoMinds came to my home-based office and resolved the issue in no time at all. He also got my Wi-Fi and a few other things running more smoothly than ever. Excellent service!
TechnoMinds client testimonial
Carmen Ruschiensky
Visual Artist / Translator
Technominds has been solving my computer-related problems for about 20 years, first for my work as a neuroscientist at McGill, and subsequently for all my home computer issues, as well as for problems encountered by my family. David Rahman has almost always been available on short notice, and is outstandingly competent, patient, and courteous when efficiently solving our technical issues. We have also benefited from his helpful advice for system and application upgrades, and for timely suggestions to forestall future problems. This service has been invaluable for our well-being. I highly recommend this company.
client testimonial of NDG Mac Guy
Peter Braun
Professor Emeritus, McGill University, Departments of Biochemistry and Neurology
I was pleasantly surprised by the professionel and rapid services for my MacBook Pro. One of my MacBooks was deemed hopeless by 3 other services and David brought it back to life. Trustworthy and helpful, I highly recommend David and his services. A real life safer!
Betty Esperanza
Founder Skateboards For Hope

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TechnoMinds is a tech support company in NDG, Montreal that offers help for individuals and companies with their Apple computers, iPads, iPhones and any technology that one might use with them. The best part is you don’t have to bring your equipment to us. We come to you! Contact TechnoMinds – NDG Mac help – today.

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