Tech Support for Seniors in Westmount

Tech Support for Seniors in Westmount

Patient, reliable and knowledgable tech support for Senior citizens in Westmount. 

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About Us

Our primary clientele are senior citizens from the Westmount area. We’re knowledgeable in all areas of technology that you use in your everyday life. We come to your home and we  are always on time. And the best part, we can explain things to you in a non-technical language.

Why Choose Us


We love our work. Life is too short to not enjoy interacting with others. We arrive with a smile and love a good conversation.


We sit with you and listen as we take the time to understand what you are saying. We explain things in a non technical jargon.

On Time

We understand your time is important. If we say we will be there at a specific time, we will be there at that time.


We have no problem if you want to hover and ask lots of questions. We strongly believe knowledge is meant to be shared.

Client Testimonials

“Dave is a life saver !!!! No matter when we I call he is always available and knows exactly what is the issue. He is so tech savvy and knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone in Westmount !!! He is patient in teaching you how to use your products properly and efficiently. Not sure what I'd do without him. Been using him for years.”
“I have been a very happy client of TechnoMinds since 2017. David has enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to optimize my computer, iPad and iPhone skills. He has exceptional patience in imparting his expertise. David is prompt in replying whenever I reach out for assistance. I highly recommend TechnoMinds and their stellar personal service.”
Mai Lloyd from Westmount
Mai Lloyd
Westmount Senior
“I have been using TechnoMinds in Westmount for about 20 years now, and there is absolutely nothing they cannot fix. Time and time again, I have called on them to solve both simple and complicated problems with my computer, printer and scanner and they have, every time, done the job to perfection. I cannot recommend them enough!!”
Westmount and great Canadian photographer
Sorel Cohen

Westmount Tech Support for Seniors

Are you a senior in Westmount that needs help with your computer, your printer, phone or your TV? You don’t want to drive downtown to the Apple Store or spend an hour or more on the phone. We will come to your home at your convenience and patiently help you with all of your tech needs. All with a smile and a friendly conversation.