Email Scam – WhatsApp Voicemail Message

This fraudulent e-mail message is being found in inboxes and  is deceiving users into believing that it is a legitimate communication from the cross-platform mobile messaging app WhatsApp. The email is usually coming from someone you know. This scam e-mail claims that the WhatsApp user has a voicemail message that can be heard by clicking the play button within the message.

When the user clicks play, a fraudulent website will open that will try to fool them into downloading malware to their mobile device. As WhatsApp is an application for practically every mobile operating system, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, it is very important for all users to be aware of the scam and not to click on any links within an e-mail message.

Malware that is downloaded by the unfortunate user depends on the device used by the recipient. If the malicious link is opened on an Android device, the website will download and install a “Browser 6.5″ file and if the user clicks on the “agree” button in the browser, texts will be sent to premium rate phone numbers. Also, the malware will try to trick users into downloading another fraudulent application.

If the malware is received by a jailbroken Apple iPhone device, its owner might be unaware that they have also downloaded a version of the malware application. As iPhone apps can only be downloaded and installed from the Apple app store, users with devices that have not been jailbroken will not be affected. This is a perfect case supporting our recommendation to not jailbreak your iOS devices.

TechnoMinds recommends that you delete this email right away. DO NOT be tempted to click the link. If you are concerned it is a real voicemail you are going to miss, then contact the person directly. 

If you feel that your computer may have been compromised in any way by one of these or other scams, contact TechnoMinds right away. We will be happy to assist you.