Netflix Scam

There is a new assault on Netflix subscribers by scammers, that isn’t so new. However, it is more sophisticated than in past attempts.

The latest email scam specifically targets Netflix subscribers and it is particularly clever, which is to say that it’s especially dangerous. According to a report from Deadline, scammers are firing off emails with the subject line “Your suspension notification” to millions of people. When a curious user opens up the email, they’re presented with a link that redirects to a fake Netflix page where they’re instructed to enter their login credentials along with their credit card information.

The email can be seen below. It’s easy to see how an average user might be tricked believing the message truly originated from Netflix. The look and feel of the email looks very much like Netflix, and, equally as important, the email itself isn’t suspiciously forceful or coercive. Indeed, the tone and diction of the message are on par with legitimate emails typically sent out by subscription based companies when a credit card is unable to be processed.

We strongly urge you to be suspicious at least, if not distrustrful of any unsolicited email that asks you to verify your account or login.

TechnoMinds recommends that you delete this email right away. DO NOT be tempted to click the link. If you are concerned it is a real voicemail you are going to miss, then contact the person directly. 

If you feel that your Netflix account may have been compromised in any way by one of these or other scams, contact TechnoMinds right away. We will be happy to assist you.