Apple releases iOS 11 and tvOS 11

Today Apple released iOS 11 & tvOS 11. It is a major release to be followed OS 11 for the Mac on September 25th. These updates come along side the exciting new hardware updates, iPhone X, iPhone 8, Watch series 3 and Apple tv 4k.

Here is a list of some of the exciting features packed into the new software releases.

iOS 11

  • A new Control Center.
  • AR – Augmented Reality
  • Improved Siri voices and language translations.
  • Screenshots and screen recording.
  • Drag-and-drop from app to app.
  • A new compression format allowing for a lot more space on your device.
  • A new look to the App store.
  • A new and cleaner look to Messages app.
  • A smarter keyboard.
  • Improved notifications
  • Do Not Disturb feature for when you are driving.
  • Apple Maps is improved, including indoor maps for major airports and shopping centers around the world.
  • Improved initial setup of new iPhones or transferring to another iPhone.
  • The transparent-ish volume box has been moved away fromt he center of the screen to a discreet location in the top corner.
  • Instantly share Wi-Fi passwords with other people. No searching through papers for a password you know you can’t find.

Watch OS 11

  • Heart rate alert to notify you if the watch detects your heart rate is abnormal.
  • New pairing UI
  • New usage tips during pairing process
  • Passcode interface with larger tap targets + red delete button
  • New passcode animation
  • New passcode key click sound effect.
  • New vertically scrolling Dock interface.
  • Dock can now show Recents and Favorites.
  • New ‘All Apps’ option in Dock.
  • New ‘List View’ for apps.
  • Bolder notifications text.
  • New Kaleidoscope watch face.
  • Create Kaleidoscope faces via Photos app on iPhone.
  • Person to person payment with Apple Pay (coming soon).
  • and much, much more

tvOS 11

  • 4K – obviously requires the new Apple TV 4k and a television that can display 4k.
  • Airplay 2.
  • TV app and Single sign-on. Yes it is new, for Canadian customers.
  • Amazon Prime support
  • Home Screen sync between other Apple TVs on the same iCloud account.
  • and much more.

If you have any questions about these new software releases or help in installing and configuring them, please do not hesitate to contact us at TechnoMinds.

AR – Augmented Reality

While many companies are moving towards Virtual Reality (VR), Apple is betting on AR instead. What is the deifference you mgiht ask? In very basic terms it is like this. IR immerses the user in a whole new invented world. AR supplements the real world with invented or real information for the user. For example, IKEA has just released their AR app. The customer can hold up their phone in the store and through the camera can see information about products. If your kids played Pokémon, have them explain it to you. Otherwise, take a look at this article about Apple ARKit.

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