How To Use iPhone's Medical ID feature - ICE

A fairly unknown feature with the iPhone's Health app can possibly save your life one day. It is the Medical ID, often referred to as In Case of Emergency (ICE).

How to Save Netflix Videos for Watching Offline on iPad or iPhone

Download Netflix movies and tv shows for watching later.

Did you know that Netflix allows you to download certain content to your device for viewing later on when not connected to the internet? Learn how to get your iPad loaded with movies for your next flight.

What is Apple's Gatekeeper and How Can it Save me?

Apple's GateKeeper can save you from Malware

If you have never heard of Apple's Gatekeeper, it is time you have.


This is Apple's own definition,

Some apps downloaded and installed from the internet could adversely affect your Mac. Gatekeeper helps protect your Mac from such apps.


Medical ID (ICE) on iPhone

Do you have an Medical ID (ICE) contact in your iPhone? Now days we all have smart phones and many people use an ICE contact for that information. But what if your phone is locked with a passcode and the person assisting you can't access your medical ID?

How to List Your Business on Apple's Maps

How to List Your Business on Apple's Maps

"Hey Siri, find me the closest healthy restaurant."

If that is your company, then you want to make sure your customers find you, right? Ever wonder how businesses get listed in Apple Maps? It is very easy, just tell them. Here is how.

Share Your Location With a Friend

This tip is about a feature that is suprisingly not well known. You can share your current location with a friend or family member with ease.

1) Open Messages app and tap on a thread with a person you would like to share your location with. Tap 'Details' in the upper right corner.


2) On the details page you will see a section titled 'Location.' There you will find two options.

Control how much cellular data your iPhone uses.

control your cellular data usage on iPhone

Are you noticing a higher than normal cellular data usage on your iPhone since you have updated to iOS 8? We have. Part of the reason for this increase is due to some new options in iOS 8 whcih use celluar data as part of iCloud. We are going to show you how to help curb that data usage by changing a few settings on your iPhone.

Under Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data, toggle off ‘Use Cellular Data’ and any other apps you don’t want to use data.

Improve your chances of recovering a lost phone by enabling 'Send Last Location' in iOS 8.

There is a new feature in iOS 8 that can greatly improve your chances of recovering a lost iPhone. It is called "Send Last Location."

This new feature will automatically send the iOS device's last known location to Apple when the battery becomes critically low. The benefit of this is that when the battery does drain completely, it will help the owner find their device before it dissappears and the location is not known.


Make a secure password

Please contact TechnoMinds if you need assistance with strategies on creating and managing passwords.

Here are some tips on creating a secure password.

How to Fix the Annoying "Cellular Data is Turned Off for Podcasts" alert.

Cellular Data is Turned Off for 'Podcasts.'

There is an apparent bug in iOS7 that will cause you to get an unwanted alert in the Podcast app. The alert, Cellular Data is Turned Off for 'Podcasts.' You can turn on cellular data for this app in Settings. 

Cellular Data is Turned Off for 'Podcasts.'