ICE (In Case of Emergency)

Medical ID

TechnoMinds will set this up for free. It is that important!

Learn how to use Apple’s iPhone Medical ID feature so that In Case Of Emergency (ICE) others can potentially save your life.

In the unfortunate possibility that you have a medical emergency and you are unresponsive, a bystander should be able to assist you. It is critical that they can give the 911 operator important information like your age, allergies and medications. A Medical ID provides that information. This good samaritan can also see and call the emergency contacts you specify, like your spouse and doctor. A Medical ID allows that too, all on one In Case of Emergency screen.

In one of our past newsletters we explained what the Medical ID is and how  to set it up. We understand human nature and that only a percentage of you will actually set it up. However, we feel this one feature is very important for everyone, including first responders, to know about and how to access it.

This is why TechnoMinds will set up your Medical ID feature free of charge. We can be it over the phone in just a few minutes. We will explain how to edit it once it has been set up and how to view it on someone else’s iPhone.

That is the point after all, to be able to find the emergency info on a stranger’s phone and possibly save their life.

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