Get calculations and conversions in Spotlight

  1. On your Mac, do one of the following:
    • Click the Spotlight icon  (if shown) in the menu bar.
    • Press Command-Space bar.
    • Press  (if available) in the row of function keys on the keyboard.
    You can drag the Spotlight window anywhere on the desktop.Tip: If the Spotlight icon isn’t in the menu bar, add it using Control Center settings.
  2. In the search field, type what you’re looking for—results appear as you type.Spotlight lists top matches first; click a top match to preview or open it. Spotlight also suggests variations of your search; those results appear in Spotlight or on the web.

You can enter a mathematical expression, currency amount, temperature, and more in the Spotlight search field, and get a conversion or calculation right in the same place.


      • Calculations: Enter a mathematical expression, such as 956*23.94 or 2020/15.

      • Currency conversions: Enter a currency amount, such as $100, 100 yen, or “300 krone in euros.” 

      • Temperature conversions: Enter a temperature, such as 98.8F, 32C, or “340K in F.”

      • Measurement conversions: Enter a measurement, such as 25 lbs, 54 yards, 23 stone, or “32 ft to meters.”

      • World clock conversions: Enter a phrase about a time in a location, such as “time in Paris” or “Japan local time.”