Safari Safety Tip

6 Tips for Safari Safety - Extend


Did you know you can add extensions to Safari? They will add functionality that can enchance your user experience and ultimately, your security?

6 Tips for Safari Safety - Control


We have all heard the stories about hackers controlling people's webcam and seeing what they shouldn't.

6 Tips for Safari Safety - Fraud


Many websites pretend to be something they are not. They can look exactly like the real one, yet really be a fake one that is trying to get your username and password.

6 Tips for Safari Safety - SSL


Do you do your banking online? Do you ever use a credit card to purchase something online? If so, make sure the website is safe.

6 Tips for Safari Safety - Spying


Did you know that Facebook, Google, and other companies track you while traversing the web? They following you to other sites and spy on everything you do. 

6 Tips for Safari Safety - Malware


Have you ever had a popup window tell you that your computer has been infected with a virus? Or have you had an alert tell you that Flash needs to be updated?

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